Life is Beautiful (1997)

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The best part of the movie is when the guard took his Dad into the corner. It is quiet. I hold my breath and hope that nothing would happen. It is overso fast. A life is over. Life is so light. It should be like that but it is just hard to accept.

NJ is a father of tow kids .when he graduated from high school he chose a major he didn't like just because his parents and his girlfriend like .After graduation he got a well pay job then married with a girl but he dosen't like the girl at all.

The disaster came out so fast. I didn't expect it to be such a bad situation. I thought it might be some kinda book-store-break-into or something like that.

Grandma is the oldest one she experienced a lot in day she passed out with a disease.she has been a coma  .other family members hope she can wake up one day so they came and told her something happened about themselves in daily life in turn.

造句:The party lasted for two hours, and it ended until the house got so stuffy. 

I've got this DVD ever since 2003. However, I've never had a chance to watch it. It is difinately a great movie though I didn't cry.

This movie described a common middle class family revolving around five family members grandma , a couple,18 years daughter and 8 years old son.

clear out: to leave a place or building quickly

Mom moved me for jumping onto the train, however, it is a must for the movie. Dad always wares a smiling face even at the hardest time. That's something shows his love and attitude towards the child and life. The doctor seems to be a hope but it difinately is nothing.

This movie named A one a two recommend by one of my friends.she told me that I should have more patience when I am watching it .since she has a good taste of movie I decided  to watch it during the weekend.


It started like a comedy. The color, the laughter, the word... Everything seems so relaxing. Gradually, I found out that the Dad seems to be a Jewish guy, which reminds me that it might be a trouble.

TingTing is a 18 years old girl who studyed in a well known school.she is a good girl and always be nice to her heart she felt guilty about her grandma 's coma.


The movie came to an end. Dad got caught when he is searching for the Mom. I didn't thought it was that serious since I still have a hope naively that they might let the Dad go. The kid sees his dad through that crack. Dad is still making that funny move and stops when the kid cannot see him. Several sounds of gun shoot and that's it. The Dad dies, without any touchable music or anything else, which made it more touchable.

This movie is different from other  films .I think the director is creative.he began the film with an wedding and ended it by a funeral. After watching this movie I felt like I spent 3 hours  to experience the whole life.

turn up the thermostat, thermostat温控器,恒温器

The kid comes out after nobody is around. Standing on the empty square without his Dad. I was still wishing that miracle might happen and his Dad will walk out. But it was cruel reality. The kid still believes that it is just a game after he sees his Mom.

A lot of conversations  on this movie look easily  but they are  full of philosophy.

造句: There is something very fishy about my brother. 

I was hit/ struck by one conversation between NJ and one of his colleague.I give it as follow.


Guomei is a mother.when she told to her mother (I refer to grandma) she found the things she told everyday is the same .every day is a day of repetition.she felt panic about it .she went to the temple in order to get a bit comfort and relief.however,finally she found it didn't help at all.

图片 1

fishy: seeming bad or dishonest, 同义词suspicious

It costed me 3 hours to finish watching it .i thought it is was just a normal movie until I finished two-thirds of it.

Today it had a showery rain outside, and the weather guy said it would last for a week. With nothing serious to do, I just decided to read some books and watch movies. Recently I was enchanted by the positive psychology course from Harvard University. It taught people how to become happy or even happier than before. Appreciation, optimism, change and positive environment were what really matter, according to the course. Before I discovered and carefully learnt this course, I never had a good thought about the well-being of myself. I thought the more I experienced, the more resilient I would be. However, I ignored the inner mechanism of the effect of obstacles, as well as happiness. And that was, I thought, why I could not be truly happy sometimes. Here, I do recommend that you take this course if you are available. Being happiness is not only a change of mood, but also strength which can get rid of all big blows in our life. 

She has a relationship but her boyfriend broke up with her suddenly .she didn't know why things was going like her opinion,a good person deserves to be treated well instead of bad thing .she is confused about the things happened around her .

be a pretty big blow to someone这里的blow 就是an action or event that causes difficulty or sadness for someone

Colleague: I am alway work hard from morning till night .but I didn't feel happy at all.

After I watched this movie I am afraid that I will become a person like is grieved to live the way other people want rather than follow your heart.i hope I can have the courage to fight for the life I dream about  .....

put one over on somebody: to trick someone

at last he found that it is sad that he live the way others like instead of live the way he like.(he represent a lot of people who don't follow their hearts to make their dreams come ture.those people consider more about others opinions and ignore theirs )

  1. I'm sure Mom knew something was fishy, since Rodrick has told Mom where he got the money. 

NJ:you do the job you aren't interested can you be happy.


Yang Yang is a 8 years old boy .he was full of curiosity.he want to tell others something about themselves that they don't know .

straight: happening one after the other in a series

trickle in: if people , vehicles, goods etc trickle somewhere, they move there slowly in small groups or amounts

造句:My brother would try to put one over on me but got found out. 

under one's breath:quietly so that other people can not hear exactly what you are saying

  1. Mom was mad that I tried to put one over on her like that, so she gave me a punishment.



  1. Making Rodrick get out of bed early is a pretty big blow to him, because Rodrick loves to sleep. One time last fall, Rodrick slept for thirty-six hours straight.

Thanksgiving didn't last too much longer after that. Dad went upstairs and turned up the thermostat until it got stuffy and everyone cleared out. And that's pretty much how Thanksgiving ends every year at our house.

造句:Getting my brother do the dishes is really a big blow to him, because he hates everything greasy.

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